Etisk jagt - Jagt på vildtets præmisser - Härkila

Respect for nature

In harmony with nature,

through respect and knowledge


Hunting parties have been a feature of Nordic life for thousands of years and have inevitably helped create a strong sense of community. Hunters have also always played a major role in procuring a source of healthy, nutritious meat from local fauna. 

Respect for nature. Wild animals and the natural world are just as much part of our common heritage as hunting. Consequently, the tradition of which Härkila is a part is not concerned only with the hunt itself and with harvesting nature’s surplus. It is also about living in harmony with nature, through a respectful and knowledgeable approach to our natural world that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Härkila has become a brand that develops clothing for a wide variety of hunts, for markets that reach far beyond Scandinavia. But our core values are unchanged: we design clothes capable of withstanding the often harsh, changeable weather of the Nordic region, and which will benefit anyone who wants to meet nature of its own terms and experience the joys it offers.